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Chronology of Wadhwan

Flag of the Sate of Wadhwn

The state of Wadhwan was officially established in 1630. However, the actual history begins in 8th century when the Jhala Kings belonging to the Makwana Sect entered Kathiawar from Sind and set up their kingdom there. Although details are not available, we know that the founder of the dynasty was one Harpal Devji, who set up his capital at Patdi, near Little Rann of Kutch. Later in 15th century, the capital was shifted to Kuwa. Let us start our chronological discussion from there.

Chronology of Jhala kings since 1469

In 1469, Rana Waghoji succeeds the throne in Kuwa; but he is soon embroiled in a dispute with the Sultan of Gujarat.

In 1479, Rana Waghji dies fighting for his kingdom. Enemy forces destroy the capital and his sons flee for life.

In 1488, new capital is established at Halvad, 76 Km from present day Wadhwan.

In late 16th century AD, conflict among the heirs of the throne arises during the reign of Rana Rajdharji. The three sons of the actual heir apparent flee to save their life. While eldest dies, the younger Rajoji and Sartanji survive.

Chronology of Wadhwan rulers since 1630

1630:  Rajoji Prithraj Ji takes Wadhwan, then a fiefdom under Halvad. He establishes his capital there and takes the title of Thakore Sahib.

1643: Thakore Shaib Rajoji Prithrajji dies and is succeeded by his eldest son Thakore Sahib Sabalsimhji Rajoji

1666: Thakore Sahib Sabalsimhji Rajoji dies; he is succeeded by his brother Thakore Sahib Shri Udaisimhji Rajoji

1681:  Thakore Sahib Shri Udaisimhji Rajoji dies; his son Thakore Sahib Shri Bhagotsimhji Udaisimhji becomes the next king.

1707: Thakore Sahib Shri Bhagatsimhji Udaisimhji dies; his nephew Thakore Sahib Arjansimhji Madhavsimhji is crowned to the throne.

1739: Thakore Sahib Arjansimhji Madhavsimhji dies and is succeeded by his son Thakore Sahib Sabalsimhji Arjansimhji.

1765: Thakore Sahib Sabalsimhji Arjansimhji dies; his son Thakore Sahib Shri Chandra Sinmhji Sabal Simhji becomes the next king.

1778: Thakore Sahib Shri Chandra Sinmhji Sabal Simhji dies and his son Thakore Sahib Prithirajji Chandrasimhji is coroneted to the throne.

Chronology of Wadhwan since 1807

1807 is an important year for the State of Wadhwan. In this year, Wadhwan loses much of its independence and becomes a protectorate under the British.

Thakore Sahib Prithirajji Chandrasimhji also dies in 1807and his son Thakore Sahib Jalamsimhji Prithirajji is crowned king.

1827: Thakore Sahib Jalamsimhji Prithirajji dies and his son Thakore Sahib Raisimhji Jalamsimhji sits on the throne.

1861: Birth of Kumar Darjirajji Chndrasimhji

1863: Birth of Kumar Balsimhji Chandrasimhji

1875: Thakore Sahib Jalamsimhji Prithirajji dies and his grandson Darjirajji Chandrasimhji is crowned as the next Thakur Sahib

5th May 1885: Thakore Sahib Darjirajji Chandrasimhji dies

20th May 1885: Thakore Sahib Balsimhji Chandrasimhji, brother of the deceased king Thakore Sahib Darjirajji Chandrasimhji, is coroneted to the throne. He dies in 1910.

: Kumar Jorawarsimhji Jashwantsimhji is born.

25th May, 1910: Thakore Sahib Jashwantsimhji Becharsimhji, son of Kumar Becahrsimhji Raimsimjhi, grandson of Thakore Sahib Raisimhji Jalamsimhji, is coronated as the king. He dies in 1918.

22nd May, 1918: Although Jorawarsimhji Jashwantsimhji becomes the next king, because of his young age, his coronation is deferred until 16th January, 1920.

16th January 1920: Thakore Sahib Jorawarsimhji Jashwantsimhji is coroneted to the throne.

1922: Kumar Surendrasimhji Jorawarsimhji is born.

1934: Thakore Sahib Jorawarsimhji Jashwantsimhji dies and his succeedd by his son Thakore Sahib Surendrasimhji Jorawarsimhji.

Chronology of Wadhwan since 1947

15t August 1947: India becomes independent.

15th February, 1948: Thakore Sahib Surendrasimhji Jorawarsimhji signs a treaty of accession to the Indian Union and Wadhwan becomes a part of Kathiawar State of free India

: Kathiawar, renamed as Sourashtra State is amalgamated with Bombay Presidency.

1960: Bombay is bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat. Wadhwan becomes a city under Surendranagar district in Gujarat State

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